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Superset Fitness Training

What is superset in fitness training? Is it difficult to exercise?

Among the different fitness training methods, there is a trending method called  superset exercise. This superset training is performed by switching back and forth through different combinations of strength exercise. The superset training is more efficient and you can achieve better result in shorter time.

So how do we combine two exercises when we workout? At the beginning, you can find exercises that involve similar muscle groups, or related muscle groups, such as biceps and triceps. You can practice with the rowing training combination, with the bench press, this combination can complete twice the training amount in half the time.

When selecting exercises, make sure that these two exercises do not affect each other. You do exercises without taking breaks or rest between exercises so you can do more exercises with your time. The physical exertion will be faster and the workout is more intense. This training method that can save time and increase fitness intensity is very advantageous in your fitness program.

Notes when performing superset training :

  1. Plan and decide the appropriate superset of exercises and change the exercise combination about one month or so.
  2. Shorten the training interval between exercises and make the training more efficient.
  3. The combination of the two exercises stimulates the muscle group which make the exercise effect better, and the training intensity is also increased.
  4. Do not choose too much weight when the load training starts. After adapting to the training action, increase it accordingly.
  5. Different training sequences can be used to enhance the fun and challenge of training.
  6. Rest well after exercises as these exercises are targeting same group of muscles and it burns more energy. Make sure you have adequate rest and good nutritional supplements.

The superset are usually divided into a composite superset and an antagonist muscle superset.

The compound superset is an exercise for the same muscle group, while the antagonist muscle superset is a combination exercise of opposing muscle group.

It is more effective to use the superset to make muscle training. The training method of the superset is stronger and more efficient than the ordinary training method. Different ways of training muscles make your muscles more developed and persistent. The exercise effect is very good.

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