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How to exercise efficiently and easily

How to exercise efficiently and easily


Regular physical exercise will make us energetic, healthy and longevity, which seems to have become an indisputable fact.


But in reality, few people can stick to exercise and fitness for a long time. At the beginning, we were very motivated to start exercising, but in just a few weeks, the original motivation gradually disappeared. Even if someone tries to stick to exercising, the result may not be obvious even after a long time, which makes people wonder whether we are wasting time on a pointless thing.


Although building a healthy body is no easy task, scientists have told us which fitness methods can achieve the best results in the shortest possible time. Here are some questions and answers about fitness:


Should I do stretching exercises before I go to workout exercise?

Rapid warm-up stretching does not cause any harm to you, but there is evidence that the need for stretching is not as high. Three large randomized experiments have shown that stretching exercises do not reduce your risk of muscle strain or injury, nor do you alleviate your muscle soreness the next morning. If you want to achieve maximum fitness results in a limited time, it is best to do aerobic exercise before and after the actual workout exercise, which will consume a lot of calories while preheating the muscles.


Experts say it is equally important to maintain muscle mass and maintain cardiovascular health.

Is it only professional athletes and bodybuilders to need to carry out weight-lifting exercises?

It’s not like this. Although regular cardiovascular and cerebrovascular exercise is important, weight-lifting exercises not only improve body lines, but also bring many additional benefits. Muscle can regulate insulin and blood sugar, help you fight against type 2 diabetes, improve overall cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health, and reduce the risk of cancer.


For older people with lost muscle and bone components, maintaining muscle volume is even more important. Studies have shown that long-term strength exercises can improve the body’s motor function and help prevent health problems such as low back pain and osteoporosis.


What food should I eat to supplement the energy loss in workout?

The health food store is filled with sports shakes that help you eliminate muscle fatigue. But you can also try its cheap alternative – ordinary chocolate milk. The ratio of sugar to protein in chocolate milk is a perfect four-to-one. It repairs fatigued tissue and replenishes the electrolytes necessary for muscle contraction such as sodium. Electrolytes can be lost during exercise, leading to muscle cramps. In addition, the taste of chocolate milk is also very good.

Chocolate milk has a perfect sugar/protein ratio and is comparable to expensive sports foods.

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