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Can you lose weight by cycling?

Can you lose weight by cycling?

Not only cycling can lose weight, it will also make your body shape looks good. Since cycling is an exercise that requires stamina and a lot of oxygen, it can also strengthen the heart function. Beside this, it can also prevents high blood pressure and is sometimes more effective than medication. Compressing blood vessels while cycling, accelerating blood circulation, ingesting more oxygen in the brain, and inhaling a lot of fresh air, will make your brain clearer. Riding the bicycle, you will feel very free and very happy. It is no longer just a means of transportation, but a way to please the soul.

How to lose weight by bicycle?

Method to lose weight by cycling

1. Intensity cycling method

First, start at 60 percent of your own maximum speed for 5 to 7 minutes , then use your heart rate monitor to observe your pulse rate, so that you are in the cardio-pulmonary training zone. Doing this, not only you can lose weight, you will also achieve the effect of exercising the cardiovascular system.

2. core muscle riding method

During the cycling process, the buttocks leave the seat, but do not stand up straight, while the core (waist and abdomen) exerts force to control the body balance. Using this method, you can exercise the muscle strength of the core.

3. the power type cycling method

According to different conditions, use strength and force to ride a bicycle, for example: adjust the gear when climbing uphill (applicable to five-speed or ten-speed adjustable speed bicycle), this method can improve the muscle strength or muscle endurance of the legs.

4. fat reduction method

Cycling at medium speed, generally need to continue to ride for more than 40 minutes without interruption, while paying attention to maintaining regular breathing, which is very effective for reducing fat.

5. intermittent cycling method

When riding a bicycle, first ride at slow medium speed for 1-2 minutes, then ride at a 1.5-2x faster speed for 2 minutes, then ride at slow medium speed, then return to the fast. Do this alternate cycle exercise can improve the trainer adaptability to aerobic exercise.

What to pay attention with this method?

1.The position of the seat. The person stands on the ground and lifts one foot. The height of the thigh parallel to the ground should bethe same as the height of the seat.

2. It is not recommended to have extra weight (backpack, etc) while cycling, Cycling exercise is to perform for long duration of time, if put extra weight on the back, it is likely to hurt the back and lumbar.

3. Wear professional sports gloves when exercising. This can prevent slip, and secondly, protect your hands when you fall, not to be scratched.

4. No matter what kind of bicycle you rideor how long you ride, if you want to lose weight, you need to drinkwater every 5-10 minutes.

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