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Best Quad Exercises

Best quad exercises

Best quad exercises

Best Quad Exercises To Help Strengthen Your Legs

Quad exercises are very essential to people who want to become fit. After all, our quads or quadriceps are one of the major muscles in our legs, and maintaining its strength will not only help in supporting the upper body but will also keep the knees healthy as well. Check out some of the best, effective and simple exercises that you can do to strengthen your quads.

Best Quad Exercises to Add Strength and Flexibility

1. Squats – proper technique, consistency when doing squats will help create strong quads. You will also benefit from having stronger hamstrings, core and glutes.

* Separate the feet hip width apart, tuck your tailbone in and make sure that your tummy is engaged.

*Slowly bring the hips down, up to where you can feel the stretch. Check for proper alignment, knees inline with the feet and not going beyond the toes. Rise slowly as well, and do a number of repetitions you are comfortable with.

* After your last set, come down slowly to a full squat. Stay there, making sure your alignment is correct. Stay in this position for 30 seconds or more to feel the burn.

2. Lunges – just like squats, when properly executed lunges will not only strengthen your quads, but your entire legs as well. It will also give you more flexibility due to the stretch it provides.

* Separate the feet hip width apart, tailbone in and core engaged. Take a large step forward with the right leg, the right knee comes down to 90 degrees, making sure the right knee is inline with the foot and not going beyond the toes. Keep the left leg or back leg straight to feel the stretch.

* To exit the pose, ground the right heel and slowly push off from the bent leg to slowly go back to feet hip width apart, standing position. Repeat on the other side.

3. Piston Squats – a next level quad strengthening exercise, once you’ve mastered other exercise techniques for your quads. In this exercise, balance, more strength and flexibility will be gained by your entire body.

* Separate the feet hip width apart, core engaged, feet grounded.

* Stretch the left leg in front of you while balancing on the right leg. Slowly come down to a full squat while maintaining the left leg straight and the right knee in line with your right foot. Come up slowly.

* Repeat on the other side. You may also do repetitions and holding this squat for longer periods to bring more challenge to your practice.

Best quad exercises

Best quad exercises

These are some of best exercises for you to strengthen your quadriceps. The secret behind effective quad exercises is to do it properly and consistently. Don’t stop just when it gets challenging, but push forward to see results.

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