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4 steps to teach you the correct fitness sequence! Don’t exercise wrongly again!

Fitness is a sport that many people care about and want to do, but most people lack the correct fitness knowledge.

Perhaps because we feel that fitness looks very simple, it is nothing more than running and jumping. We can imitate and learn according to other people’s movements. Under this kind of thinking, few people are willing to dive into the correct fitness exercise.

If you want to have an effective result, you must study fitness knowledge carefully. The body is not a balloon. If you blow it, it will expand, if you let it go, it will shrink. The body is a very complex biological life system, to what extent? At least the current cutting-edge scientists can’t make machines so flexible.

To start a workout, you have to understand the fitness sequence. What do we want to do?

1, warm up

First of all, the most important thing is to warm up. Many people will ignore this part and start as soon as they step in. Although it is not that they don’t warm up, they will definitely have an accident.

Fitness is a living habit. You need to develop this habit correctly from a scientific point of view. If you start workout without warm up for a long time, you will have problems sooner or later.

Warm-up is to slowly raise the body to the best state for exercise, muscle congestion, joint lubrication, body functions are ready for exercise, and then start exercise. IF we can do this, efficiency and safety are guaranteed.

2, aerobic and anaerobic, which one first?

Do strength training first, then do aerobic exercise.

This is the basic principle of fitness. The reason is that the risk of strength training is higher than that of aerobic exercise. The risk of injury is reduced if we maintain sufficient physical strength to complete strength training.

For strength training, you need to complete the exercise set at high level and the physical strength required is also very high in order to achieve effective result. The result will be much better if you can do strength training at the best physical state.

And aerobic training is a process of calorie consumption. Moreover, after the strength training, the consumption of body sugar has reached a certain stage, and then the aerobic exercise can enter the fat burning stage relatively quickly.

3, the order of strength training

Strength training is for the whole body. Many people only choose the part they want to practice, and rarely carry out the whole body strength training program.

For example, some people only practice abdominal muscles, chest muscles and other common muscle groups, ignoring the back, legs and so on.

So there will be a lot of people finished fitness exercise, the upper body is strong, the lower body is small, and the whole body looks strange.

Still others ignore the back exercise, resulting in a body that is not tall and straight, hunchback, round shoulders, high and low shoulders and other strange bodies.

i, Recommend the strength training sequence.

The principle of chest-back-shoulder-arm-leg-core (waist belly).

The order of the chest and back can be reversed, because the training of the chest and back needs to be done with the help of the arm, so it does not matter if the arrangement is scheduled.

Therefore, the training of the arm should be arranged at the end, otherwise the arm will not have strength after the training, and can no longer assist in the completion of the chest training.

ii, upper body first, then lower body

The lower body is the cornerstone that supports the stability of the whole body. If you practice the lower body first, in many movements of the upper body training, the body will be unstable and easily cause injury.

So be sure to put your lower body training after the upper body training.

iii, the final core

The core area is in the waist and abdomen, which is an important link for the body to support the upper and lower body. Whether it is upper body training or lower body training, you need to use the waist strength.

Therefore, putting the waist and abdomen core training in the final exercise can guarantee the effect and safety of other training sessions.

iv, stretching

Stretching training after exercise must be carried out to relieve muscle soreness in strength training and to shape muscle lines.

4, weekly planning training arrangements

Knowing the basic sequence of training, you can arrange your own weekly training program.

Week training program, you can arrange 2 exercises a week, 3 exercises a week, until 6 exercises a week.

According to the basis of you own fitness to develop a specific program, the order of fitness follows the strength training sequence mentioned above.

It is worth mentioning that the abdominal muscles recover faster. They can be practised almost every day, so in the weekly training, you can arrange the abdominal muscles for a few more days.

Lastly, the training program does not mean the more exercise the better. It depends on your training plan and the training intensity to be in line with your physical ability.

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