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20 popular weight loss exercises (Part1)

20 popular weight loss exercises


Aerobic exercise

There are many sports forms for aerobics, such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling, skipping, fitness dance, skating, swimming, ballgame, tai chi, climbing stairs and so on. Related studies have shown that the key to aerobic metabolism is to ensure a certain amount of exercise and perseverance. Adults who choose to participate in the above-mentioned sports to exercise can basically achieve the effect of moderate aerobic exercise.

Obese old people can choose sports that they love and can easily adhere to. The amount of exercise should be suitable for their own conditions. The frequency of exercise is usually 3-5 times a week, and each exercise can be 20-60 minutes. The intensity of exercise should reach the limit of effective heart rate. The heart rate should be 110 times/minute in the early stage of exercise. After 1-3 weeks, it can be gradually increased to 140 times/min. In this way, the output of each stroke is close to and reaches the optimal state, and the effect is more obvious.


Belly dance

If you are not confident enough, or if you are looking for a different exercise class, belly dancing may be a good fit for you. Unlike most people think, belly dancing is not just a simple twisting of the belly, it contains a lot of backward turns, body stretch, its fitness effect is similar to yoga.



Cycling is one of the most enjoyable sports. Not only it can help you shape your beautiful leg lines, if you are cycling to work, it will also save you from traffic congestion, free and easy to go to work! What are you hesitating? Hurry up and ride your bicycle!



Even if you did not start ballet dance at kindergarten, you can participate in a dance class as it is a fun way for you to exercise! Latin dance, jazz dance, break dance, pole dance, or hip hop, as long as you like, you can learn! Dance, you can get rid of excess fat on your body through a lot of exercise! As long as you persist, you will be able to achieve the shape you want to achieve!


Exercise video

The advantage of exercise video is that you can achieve fitness and weight loss dreams without leaving the house, which is especially suitable for those who like to stay at home. You don’t have to make excuses to say that there is no public locker room to change clothes or not used to the multi-person fitness room. You only need to follow the video at home, you can exercise and lose weight without any interference!


Gym ball

If you are looking for a full range of fitness, then a fitness ball is the best choice. With soft music, full body relaxation, stretched posture and you can blend with fit ball, this is the highest level of fit ball. A light and easy action can lose weight, and the effect is especially amazing!


Workout at gym

This is no stranger to everyone, maybe many have been in the gym, have tried. Unfortunately, most people usually busy with work and do not take time to stick to it for a long time. However, workout at gym is still very trendy. The fitness instructor will formulate the corresponding weight loss method according to different condition of the individual, which is especially personalized and targeted!


Twisting hoop

The hula hoop, also known as the fitness circle, is a sport for all ages. Regularly participating in the hula hoop movement can maintain a good body shape, so that the waist and hip muscles of the body are not stiff and not degraded. Moreover, twisting the hula hoop can also help the peristalsis of the intestines, help digestion and defecation, better assist in slimming and help remove the garbage in the body, and achieve the beauty effect! Girls, what are you waiting for, hurry up!


Single row skating

Single-row skating used to be very popular in the past. Those skate shoes will bring back memories of everyone’s childhood. In London, single-row skating are really a trend, especially among adults. If you live in a big city, you can often participate in the event of a roller skate race, and sneak freely on the spacious avenues that usually don’t allow everyone to skate!


Rope skipping

Skipping, which consumes 400 calories per half hour, is a very effective aerobic exercise and a bodybuilding exercise. It is of great help to various organs, coordination, posture, weight loss, etc. of the cardiopulmonary system.


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