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20 popular weight loss exercises (part2)


Aerobic fight

Aerobic fight, please don’t associate it with “barbarism” or “violence.” The kick boxing was first launched by New Zealand fighters and professional aerobics athletes. The specific form is to mix boxing, karate, taekwondo, kung fu, and even some dance moves, and with strong music, is a unique style of aerobics.


Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing not only can exercise the body, but also cultivate people’s sentiments. It is a good fitness program. It can not only strengthen the bones, but also improve the strength of the waist and legs, the speed of movement, endurance, the body’s coordination and balance, and other physical qualities, strengthen the heart and lung function, and enhance disease resistance. Fitness and weight loss while exercising the body, kill two birds with one stone! But one should know their physical condition before climbing the mountain.



Pilates, from Germany, is a static exercise that focuses on the training of body muscles and physiology, such as the waist, abdomen, back, chest, buttocks, etc., through some slow movements, longer time Control the muscles to achieve the purpose of consuming energy from all parts of the body. But must practice under the guidance of professional coaches.



Are you free? Is it efficient? Is the environment good? Big cities, fast pace of life, high work pressure, high-density work arrangements, life seems to be very fulfilling. However, for a long time, people’s health will be seriously threatened. Running is the most convenient exercise. Just spend half an hour every day. You will find that after running, the whole person’s mental state will improve a lot!



Swimming is a systemic exercise. The amount of heat consumed by people running in a standard swimming pool for 20 minutes is equivalent to one hour on land at the same speed. It can not only cultivate the sentiment, but also maintain the body.



Tennis is great for urban people. Tennis can promote the improvement of blood circulation system, consume excess calories, improve heart and lung function, increase human immunity, improve disease resistance and recovery rate after illness, and achieve the purpose of improving health, improving physical fitness and strengthening body and mind.



When the weather is fine, call a few relatives and friends and you can enjoy playing volleyball. At the same time, you can enjoy the warmth of the afternoon sun, and enhance the relationship. In an hour, you will consume 378 calories!


Somatosensory action game

Wii fit is a unique somatosensory game that uses the wii balance board for play. In the game, players can use the body’s left and right swing to play hula hoops, twist the body to exercise their pitching skills, and even use it to practice yoga!



Science shows that regular sex life has ten health effects, it help to exercise your body, increase hormone secretion, improve the immune system’s resistance to disease and prolong the lifespan of both men and women, and at the same time consume a lot of energy.



Long-term practice of yoga posture, pranayama and relaxation can prevent all diseases, and the deep breathing exercise of yoga can increase the oxygen absorption of cells in the body, including fat cells, so that the oxidation increases and burns more fat cells, which is very good for weight loss.

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